About Us !

tamnon Trading and Marketing Company is one of the HATS Trading Group, working in the supply and marketing of foodstuffs, and mainly the fish products. tamnon Trading & Marketing Company contributes to providing food security in the Republic of Yemen by providing products of high nutritional value. The company started its activity by contracting with one of the best fish producers in the Republic of Yemen, Burum Seafood Company, which implements the HACCP food safety system in the process of fishing, processing and trading of fish products.

Our features

Internationally recognized quality

Our products are certified by the HACCP food safety system and the International Food Certification

We offer our products to various categories

Individuals, companies, factories, institutions, restaurants, hotels... etc.

Widespread sales Points

More than 60 sales points in the capital Sana'a

Multiple options for a single product

Our products are available in the form of packages, weighing system, and the fella system

Local and global outreach

Our services are provided locally, and will soon be available in Jordan and Saudi Arabia

Our products

We have contracted with the top leading company locally in fish processing to provide our products.


The company works in importing and marketing the foodstuffs, mainly fish.
Tamnon Co has the honor of covering the largest retail selling points in the local market with fish products. Click here to see our list of sale points.
In order to ensure that Tamnon Trading and Marketing Company covers all categories, we have provided several options for our products. There are 500 gram and 1000 gram packaged products. There are sale points that sell directly to the consumers with the quantity required. We also supply 5 kg packages for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

Latest developments

contact with us


We are happy to communicate with you, and we do our best to build effective communication with you

Tamnon Co. address:

  • Republic of Yemen - Sana'a - Harbi Street (Asbahi) - next to Metro Mall
  • Tel:+967 1 682101
  • fax:+967 1 682102
  • whatsapp+967 730187297
  • Email: tamnon@tamnon.com

Working hours at the company

  • Saturday - Wednesday: 8 am to 3 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am to 1 pm