The company works in importing and marketing the foodstuffs, mainly fish.

، Tamnon Co has the honor of covering the largest retail selling points in the local market with fish products. Click here to see our list of sale points.

In order to ensure that Taman Trading and Marketing Company covers all categories, we have provided several options for our products. There are 500 gram and 1000 gram packaged products. There are sale points that sell directly to the consumers with the quantity required. We also supply 5 kg packages for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.

If you are not 100% sure that the fish you are going to take is fresh, then you better go for frozen fish. Frozen fish are frozen immediately after they are caught, while some fish remain on the fishing boat for several days. The fish you think is “fresh” may have been pre-frozen, then re-sold as fresh. So, you have to know the source of the fish, and that it is really fresh as it should be.