tamnon Trading & Marketing Company

tamnon Trading and Marketing Company is one of the HATS Trading Group, working in the supply and marketing of foodstuffs, and mainly the fish products. tamnon Trading & Marketing Company contributes to providing food security in the Republic of Yemen by providing products of high nutritional value. The company started its activity by contracting with one of the best fish producers in the Republic of Yemen, Burum Seafood Company, which implements the HACCP food safety system in the process of fishing, processing and trading of fish products.

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the foodstuff profession in terms of quality of the products provided, and ensuring the implementation of the best measures to preserve and transfer these products to reach the consumers with its full food value. tamnon Co. also wishes to achieve the food security and balance for the customers of our products, so the company always takes upon itself to contract with the best companies in this field.

Our Mission

Our mission to all those working in the field of foodstuff in general and fisheries in particular is to make the best use of this inexhaustible wealth by following the best authorized measures of systematic fishing, and to raise the value of the Yemeni product internally and externally.


  • Contract with the best local and international companies.
  • Meet the needs of the local market in the first phase, and the external markets needs in the second phase by the provision of products of high nutritional and quality value.
  • Create added value for Yemeni products.
  • Contribute to the creation of employment opportunities for Yemeni youth.


  • Tamnon Co. address: Republic of Yemen - Sana'a - Harbi Street (Asbahi) - next to Metro Mall
  • Tel:+967 1 682101
  • fax:+967 1 682102
  • whatsapp+967 730187297
  • Website: www.tamnon.com
  • Email: tamnon@tamnon.com
  • Facebook: fb.com/TamnonYE
  • P.O.Box: 16111

Working hours at the company

  • Saturday - Wednesday: 8 am to 3 pm
  • Thursday: 8 am to 1 pm